Hello!  Yes it has been quite some time since I have posted a blog.  I have been thinking of what to say as my ‘restart message’.  It occurred to me that blogs can be about almost anything!  It doesn’t always have to be about makeup or application.  It can be about life.

Sometimes life has a way of throwing things at us one after another.  You’re ok for awhile because you have ‘a fight’ in you, but after several blows…..if you’re like me…..ya just wanna curl up and have a pity party.  Don’t! -at least not for long 😉  Get up 1 more time and plow through!  I did this for the first time in a very long time and can honestly say things are finally happening that I didn’t expect.  I’ll admit, I’m still plowing, but it’s a sence of accomplishment and also gives you a new outlook.  Of course, I’ll have to look back and re-read this post when it happens the next time.  But for now, that’s my pep talk for you!  That’s Life!

I will be starting my weekly blogs again.  Also look for info on Instagram (new account, p.a.l.m.inc) and Facebook as well as some special offers.  Please like and share the posts!