I must say, this past week was a rough one for me–a lot going on.  I’m late in doing my blog, but that’s ok because I wouldn’t have had this makeup combo if I had blogged the other day!

I wanted something patriotic for our cookout yesterday.  I normally do the same combos out of routine, but this time, I ventured out.  I’ve been airbrushing my foundation and blush (yes, airbrush systems will be available in the near future!) and decided to try something new.  Using a variety of my brushes, I started by lining my eyes in Sapphire–wet; I put Boardwalk Eyeshadow on my lid and blended it almost to my brow bone.  I then put Bright Eyes Concealer as a hi-light under my brow bone.  Next, I took Ruby Eyeshadow and put just a dot in the center of my eyelid and blended to where it was slightly smaller than my iris, but still a round dollop of color.  Finally, I touched up either side of my eyelid with Bright Eyes Concealer to add a bit of contrast.  Soooo, I had my red, white and blue–and sparkle!  I would have never though that combo would look so striking together.  It did take me a little longer because it was something different, but it was worth it!

I will definitely use this combo for July 4th!

Have a great week and Happy Shopping!