I hope everyone is doing well!  I took a bit of time off to recuperate from a procedure I had done and in my haste to ‘catch up’, I banged my shin pretty good and have a nice bruise to show for it!  Now tis NOT the season for bruises on the legs–they don’t go well with shorts.  I had this great idea…cover it with makeup!  I took my Bermuda Sand Foundation plus my concealer and with a little mixing, I had the perfect shade to cover my bruise!  My makeup stands up to sweating pretty well so I knew it would last.  No one found out I’m such a klutz.  😉   I can’t make this claim, but I think it helped my bruise heal faster and seemed to take the soreness out after a day or 2.

Soooo, the next time you need a quick cover-up, try your Pure And Light Minerals!

Happy Shopping!