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Let it snow!

Kim Harvell Dec 10, 2017

I lived in Florida for 11 years and still miss those Florida winters!  But, I admit, this is my kind of snow!  It's beautiful falling and just enough to make snow crea /...

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That’s Life

Kim Harvell Dec 6, 2017

Hello!  Yes it has been quite some time since I have posted a blog.  I have been thinking of what to say as my 'restart message'.  It occurred to me that blogs can be /...

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Carolina Curly Beauty Expo!

Kim Harvell Sep 23, 2017

Well, I believe I'm ready for the expo tomorrow.  I have some new limited edition lip colors I've created to debut in Charlotte!  They will be on the website soon! If /...

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Ahhhh, Fall

Kim Harvell Sep 8, 2017

The last several days have been picture perfect!  Feels like fall is in the air--finally!  Along with that comes changes--in nature and in my color line up!  I will be /...

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Been awhile

Kim Harvell Aug 23, 2017

Well it has been awhile since I posted anything.  Lots has been happening behind the scenes!  I've been working on some new colors, new body butter formula & a few /...

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Makeup Tip for July

Kim Harvell Jul 16, 2017

I hope everyone is doing well!  I took a bit of time off to recuperate from a procedure I had done and in my haste to 'catch up', I banged my shin pretty good and have a /...

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June Makeup Tip #4

Kim Harvell Jun 29, 2017

As I sit here thinking of what wisdom to embark  ;)  I decided to share something we all know, but even I had to be reminded of recently.  I was battling a respiratory /...

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June Makeup Tip #3

Kim Harvell Jun 22, 2017

Hello again!  I have decided to change my blog day from Sunday to Wednesday.  That way you'll have the info to try on the weekends. This week's tip is about lining eye /...

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June Makeup Tip #2

Kim Harvell Jun 12, 2017

For this next tip, I thought I'd discuss the multiple uses of the Bright Eyes Concealer.  I've discovered several ways to use it!  I formulated it as a solution so as n /...

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June Makeup Tip #1

Kim Harvell Jun 5, 2017

I've gotten several questions about 'how to apply' this or that this week, so I thought I'd answer that here.  I'm one of those that believe that for the most part, ther /...

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Memorial Day Makeup Tip

Kim Harvell May 29, 2017

I must say, this past week was a rough one for me--a lot going on.  I'm late in doing my blog, but that's ok because I wouldn't have had this makeup combo if I had blogg /...

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May Makeup Tip #2

Kim Harvell May 21, 2017

I was watching an old show recently and the girls were at a slumber party and asking each other questions. The one that made me stop and think was 'If you were stranded o /...

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Kim Harvell May 14, 2017

Waking up this morning to such a beautiful day, I thought "There's no way I can be sad!  What a beautiful day God has made!"  Sad you ask?  This week was ...well...I d /...

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May Makeup Tips-1

Kim Harvell May 8, 2017

Coordination with a Fashion Extravaganza! Hi Everyone! I was honored to be invited to the fashion show Catherine's Clothing in Stanleyville, North Carolina had this past /...

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Check Out Our Site Model’s Colorschemes!

Kim Harvell May 1, 2017

Color, Color, Color! Here's the colors our models are wearing in their photos: Natural Eye Model (closeup, eyes closed) is wearing Bermuda Sand Foundation with Light Min /...

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Our Site!

Kim Harvell Apr 30, 2017

Well, It's been almost a week since we launched our new site.  We still have a few tweaks, but what a gorgeous difference!  There are so many features with this new sit /...

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Welcome! PALM’s 1st Official Blog Post!

Kim Harvell Apr 24, 2017

Welcome back to Pure And Light Minerals! We are so excited to have our brand new redesigned awesome website in place to serve you!  Those of you that know me, know I thi /...

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