As I sit here thinking of what wisdom to embark  😉  I decided to share something we all know, but even I had to be reminded of recently.  I was battling a respiratory infection last week so got PLENTY of sleep and lots of liquids those first critical days.  I also didn’t feel like even showering and therefore slept in my makeup those days.  When I finally felt like I could get up for awhile (let’s face it, I was ‘bed stir crazy’); the first thing I noticed was how lovely my skin looked!  Now I can’t give my makeup credit because I’m sure that was wallowed and fever-sweated off long ago, but the uninterrupted rest and lots of fluids really made a huge visible difference!

Now all of that is probably more personal info than you were wanting, but to drive the point home, get your rest!  Drink lots of fluids–not soda and sugary drinks, but good ‘ole water (not the chlorine-fluoride filled tap water) or make some natural fruit infused water or juice your own organic fruits to drink like oranges, apples, pears or a combo of your choice!  Your body and skin will thank you!

And that’s the tip for this week.  Happy Shopping!