Hello again!  I have decided to change my blog day from Sunday to Wednesday.  That way you’ll have the info to try on the weekends.

This week’s tip is about lining eyes.  Now I can’t take credit for this one.  I picked this up doing a one-on-one makeup demo.  For a striking finishing touch to accent your eyeshadows, use 2 colors (both wet) and line your eyes.  Using your Fine Linr Brush, paint the lightest color first as close to your lash line as possible.  Paint the darker color just above the first color.  You are actually wanting to paint it directally beside the lighter color, not over the top of it.  The greater the contrast between the colors used to line, the more dramatic the effect will be.

Some good combos to try this with are:  Opal Peekaboo closest to lashes with either Sapphire or Graphite beside.  Chocolate Cherry closest to the lashes with Mink or Treebank beside.  Carolina Sky closest to the lashes with Sapphire beside.  Lilac Champagne closest to the lashes with Black Orchid beside.  Mink Julep closest to the lashes with Mermaid beside (really eye-catching!)

So give this a try with one of these combos or come up with your own!

Happy Shopping!