I’ve gotten several questions about ‘how to apply’ this or that this week, so I thought I’d answer that here.  I’m one of those that believe that for the most part, there are no wrong makeup application techniques.  I always try to formulate my products to be multi-taskers even though I create them for a specific purpose.

Here’s my order of application:

1. Concealer (Bright Eyes –applied by itself or mixed with a bit of your foundation for the perfect shade)

2. Foundation  (NOTE: some people prefer to apply their concealer after applying foundation instead of before) 3. Eyeshadows/ Liner Shadow

4. Blush

5. Mineral Veil

6. Complexion Booster  (always after the Veil for that kiss of color)

7. Lipsilk

I believe this is the most effective way to layer my products to give that natural flawless look.  If you aren’t wearing say a blush today, but want to wear your Goddess Bronzer Complexion Booster; then just skip the Blush step, etc.  If you are USING a Complexion Booster as a Blush or a cheek contour, then you want to apply it before your Mineral Veil.

I hope this helps!  Keep the questions coming and Happy Shopping!