The last several days have been picture perfect!  Feels like fall is in the air–finally!  Along with that comes changes–in nature and in my color line up!  I will be discontinuing several Lipsilks in order to make way for new colors.  Say good-bye to Pink Pomegranate, Plum Mauvelous, Nude Beach and Caramel.

If one of these was your favorite, here’s a combo that will be close….for Pink Pomegranate; try Sweet over Berry Bold.  For Plum Mauvelous; try Nude Pink Pout over Cherry Pop.  When I introduce the new colors, I’ll share some combos that should come close to Nude Beach and Caramel.

I’m also introducing new Lipsilk tubes!  These are sleek and compact.

Last bit of info….due to the overwhelming increase in my raw ingredient costs over the last several months, I am having to adjust my prices.  I never want to use inferior ingredients, cheap dyes or fillers so you can always purchase my handmade products with confidence.

Happy Shopping!