About Pure And Light Minerals

We are a natural makeup brand!

People are always intrigued when they find out my products aren’t purchased in bulk and repackaged – I actually create all of my products featured in my natural mineral makeup line.

All of our cosmetic products are hand made and truly natural — without any ingredients that cause acne, skin reactions, or clogged pores.

It’s true that out of desperation comes innovation.  When I first tried mineral makeup, I LOVED it!  But after awhile, I started having problems with cystic acne (pesky under the skin bumps), really oily icky skin (my skin is on the dry side), and splotchiness.  It didn’t happen overnight, but rather over months.  One day I decided to research the ingredients and was shocked at what I was finding out about my “supposedly pure mineral makeup” – Bismuth being the main culprit for my cystic acne.

“That started my search to find a more natural product.”

Of course I dragged my poor sister through every company with me.  All of which were too cakey, broke us out, or looked good inside but clownish when outside – nothing compared to what to what I was using, but I couldn’t keep going back.  So in a whining conversation with my sister, I said, “I don’t care what I look like anymore!  I’m just gonna wear sunglasses and lipstick!  I show property year round and have a tan so people can just deal with it!”  To clarify, my hubby and I were living in Florida at the time and I was a realtor.  After a pause, my sister said,

“Why don’t you just research it and do it yourself?  You’ve always done something in the makeup industry. . . it’s like the mother ship calling you home!”

After a month or so of me going “Hmmmm” in reaction to her comment, I started researching.  I decided what I didn’t want and ordered ingredients of what I though would work for a formula.  My darling husband was my guinea pig because he has extremely sensitive skin!  Months of formula after formula he suffered through until I came up with a combination that didn’t break him out, make him look cakey, or itch.  He slept in it 3 nights in a row and – SUCCESS!  I incorporated on the 4th day and Pure And Light Minerals was born!

I then started learning how to make colors, the first being foundations for my sister (Bella, so named because she’s very pretty) and myself (Bermuda Sand).  Months later, I had some basic colors and started testing on friends and family.  They loved them and were ready to purchase!  So I figured out my packaging details and started transitioning from a Realtor to a ‘Natural Mineral Makeup Creator’.

Today, the company is ever-changing; I’m always trying to improve on existing products while creating new colors to update our product line.  I am so blessed to have a wonderful support group of family, friends (including my awesome Independent Representatives and Webmaster Brian Watkins), and loyal customers.  I couldn’t do it without you all!

Thank you so much for trying and loving Pure And Light Minerals!

Happy Shopping!

–Kim, CEO and Founder

Phil.4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

**Our new makeup photos are courtesy of Wendy Havens Photography!