About Pure And Light Minerals

A Truly Natural Makeup Brand!

Customers are always intrigued when they find out our products aren’t purchased in bulk and repackaged – I actually create and formulate all products featured in our natural mineral makeup line.

All of our products are hand crafted without any dyes, fillers, bismuth and other ingredients that may cause skin sensitivities or clog pores.

Our Humble Beginning…It’s true out of desperation comes innovation.  Having skin problems with many brands I tried through the years, I started looking for a natural alternative–dragging my sister through the companies with me!  Not happy with anything we tried for very long, we gave up. My sister started encouraging me to ‘research and make my own’ since I had always been a consultant for various ones. After pondering her suggestion for awhile, I started researching ingredients. I decided what I didn’t want and ordered ingredients I though would work for a formula. My darling husband was my guinea pig because he has extremely sensitive skin!  Months went by as he suffered through formula after formula until I came up with a combination that didn’t break him out, make him look cakey, or itch.  He slept in it 3 nights in a row and – SUCCESS!  I incorporated on the 4th day and Pure And Light Minerals was born!

Happy Shopping!

–Kim, CEO and Founder

Phil.4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.


Today, the company is ever-changing. I’m always trying to improve on existing products while creating new colors to update our product line. I am so blessed to have a wonderful support group of family, friends– including my awesome Independent Representatives ,Webmaster Brian Watkins, Cirsten Welden, and of course our loyal customers.  Couldn’t do it without you all!

Thank you so much for trying and loving #PureAndLightMinerals!

Cirsten Singapore Thoughts cover

Proudly Featuring Cirsten Weldon

“Growing up in Singapore and legally migrating when I was 15 to California, I never thought I would graduate college with a BS at 18. Then becoming an international model, actress, author of “Singaporean Thoughts” with a wine line, a rug line, perfume line, and interior designer at www.eurasiandesigns.com — now to be the face of a makeup that I wear daily and love. Makeup that allows your skin to breathe and you do not have to take off… partnership with #PureandLightMinerals is a dream… You can mix the powder with water and coconut oil and it becomes a creamy liquid. A really GREEN product and AMAZING! Regards xo Cirsten”