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Let it snow!

Kim Harvell Dec 10, 2017 beautiful choose christmas eye color lip color makeup natural New post pigments shopping skin 0 Comments Posted in: Blog, Makeup Tips, New post

I lived in Florida for 11 years and still miss those Florida winters!  But, I admit, this is my kind of snow!  It's beautiful falling and just enough to make snow cream, but doesn't make the roads too bad.  My hubby and I were out catching snowflakes and looking at them under a magnifying glass.  It's amazing how every one is unique....and I couldn't /...

That’s Life

Kim Harvell Dec 6, 2017 application blog life makeup offer plow 0 Comments Posted in: Blog, New post

Hello!  Yes it has been quite some time since I have posted a blog.  I have been thinking of what to say as my 'restart message'.  It occurred to me that blogs can be about almost anything!  It doesn't always have to be about makeup or application.  It can be about life. Sometimes life has a way of throwing things at us one after another.  You're ok /...