Waking up this morning to such a beautiful day, I thought “There’s no way I can be sad!  What a beautiful day God has made!”  Sad you ask?  This week was …well…I don’t want to say difficult, but emotional I guess is a better choice.  My mom passed away last month.  So this is my family’s first Mother’s Day without her.  Also, her birthday is May 11th.  So, a lot of emotions for this past dreary, mostly rainy week.  But today!  Today is gorgeous!  Plus my mom was a Christian and there’s no doubt she’s in heaven.  She suffered from Lewy Bodies Dimentia here, but now, she’s healed!  Everything restored!  I’m sure she’s entertaining everyone with stories of what a handful my brother, sister and I were.

All of this to say….Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!  Cherish any time you can get with your mother on any day.  No matter if she rmembers you or not.  If you aren’t able to go see her, call her.  Skype her.  Anything.  That goes for all of our family members.  Life has a way of making us too busy to keep in touch.  I’m just as guilty.  So again on this gorgeous day, slow down.  Take time to reach out.  Enjoy this day!