Coordination with a Fashion Extravaganza!

Hi Everyone!

I was honored to be invited to the fashion show Catherine’s Clothing in Stanleyville, North Carolina had this past Saturday!  I coordinated the makeup for the models.  We had fun!  It also gave me my first makeup tip to pass along….coordination!

I know this is common sense to you, but you’d be surprised at how many times I see things like pink lipstick with a red top (or vice-versa).  I know sometimes it can’t be helped.  You wear one thing to work and forget to take your touch up makeup for the evening outfit.

When in doubt, go neutral.  

If you think you won’t be heading home before going out, put on a neutral face that morning.  My favorite go-to look is Mimosa Bloom or Honeysuckle or Boardwalk Eyeshadow over the whole eye.  Line eye with Mink Liner Shadow-dry and use a pop of color just on the eyelid (I tend to get in a rut and use either Chocolate Cherry, Opal Peekaboo or Lilac Champagne Eyeshadow).  I skip the blush, but use Goddess Bronzer after applying my Mineral Veil.  For my lips, I choose Sheer Pink Lipsilk Sheer or Sunset Lipsilk Sheer (Sunset pulls neutral on me).  If I need to switch to more dramatic for the evening, I just touch up my Mink Liner Shadow– wet, and apply Seduction Lipsilk Sheer over my lip color. Seduction Lipsilk Sheer makes any lip color (or your own lips) a shade or so darker.  Perfect for a quick dramatic change!

I hope this helps and would love to hear your Pure And Light Mineral Makeup tips!

Happy Shopping!