Pure And Light Minerals

Natural Cosmetics

At Pure And Light Minerals, we take our makeup very seriously. We use only the highest quality of natural minerals, oils, and butters for our makeup and body care.

We hand-craft our products in small batches to ensure freshness.

In our efforts to Go Green, we offer refills on many products. These are packaged in recyclable plastic bags which helps reduce our carbon footprint.

P.A.L.M. follows ethical practices and offers you quality Vegan and Gluten-free mineral makeup. We never test our products on animals. NEVER.

A True Natural Cosmetics Solution

Simplify your makeup experience with a collection made from ingredients you can pronounce, free of harsh chemicals and parabens that can irritate skin or work against its health. (Makeup full of chemicals can age the skin.)

If you have sensitive skin or have suffered breakouts with other cosmetics, natural solutions are a clear choice for you. If you’re an everyday makeup user, it’s important to use materials the skin can tolerate that frequently, and our collection is just that. No itching, pimples, or redness has ever been reported from using our products.

Additionally, natural cosmetics don’t have any strong scents. This makes it easier to pair with perfumes since the scents aren’t competing with each other. If you have or spend time around those that have asthma or scent-triggered migraines, you know how important it is to avoid excessive scents wherever possible.

We use no animal testing to create our beauty products. Beyond being an ethical choice, it’s also unnecessary with natural cosmetics because all the ingredients are already known to be safe for humans.

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